Morning guys! I want to introduce my self (writer in this blog) My name is Syaiful Anwar. I live in Batara Regency Blok T No 8, Tasikmalaya. I was born in Purworejo on March 29th 1999, my hobby is studying , learn about anything! cause knowledge is a power. I'm moeslems Insyaa Allah.

Want to know more about me?
Okey my social media is only one (for now) that is just facebook ( ) tap and add to become friend bruh!

I'm is student at 8 Senior High School Tasikmalaya, and sutudent at Smart Institute hehe, maybe im write this post because i must fill in daily activities. So don't judge me bruh..

My Mentor in Smart Institute she name is Mrs. Annisa Azzahra, in my group there are 6 friends their name is Ihsan, Haikal, Eyen, Sri, Ditta, and Shopi. 

Maybe i feel happy when in an atmosphere of learning that are not too tense as in school. We follow the lessons with little joke but also somethimes seriously.

Okey, that's all because i want to go prepare to school, thanks for read!

Thursday, November 3th 2016.

Syaiful Anwar
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